The Yoga Girls’ Club

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This book could be used in a variety of ways for a variety of audiences.  I think it is good for adults and teens, teachers and counselors,  those looking to get fit and those looking for peace.  I personally read the book from a counselor/educator’s perspective.  I am always trying to find new ideas for groups that we can run at the high school I work at.  It begins with an overview of yoga and explains that it is more than just exercise.  It affects us emotionally and can help us to center ourselves in relation to those around us.

The book gives a great overview and explanation of several types of yoga postures with fun pictures (in case you’re more of a visual person).  Throughout the explanations of poses we are reminded of how these poses can affect us emotionally as well as how they can empower us.

The end of the book provides several projects that can be done in order to help the reader connect the emotional and practical side of yoga to their everyday life.  This is the part of the book that I think is most beneficial for counselors to use.  It touches on a variety of things that would cause a client or a student to reflect on their personal life and determine what they can do to rid themselves of certain things in their lives.  There are also some projects that may help the client to realize that there are certain things that they just can’t control and that that is ok.

Looking at fitting this book into a curriculum from a practical standpoint, I think it would work really well if a PE teacher and a counselor wanted to pair up and go through the book together, or if you are a counselor that is comfortable enough with teaching yoga to a group of students on your own.

I think this book could be extremely helpful for students who have a hard time finding their own space to relax or have a lot anxiety.  Personally, I would not teach all of the postures to my group of students, but just the ones that I think would be most helpful for the group of students you are working with.  I think it would be possible to take certain postures or exercises from the book in addition to a few of the projects at the end of the book and fit them into groups that already exist.


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