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So. . . I am in a reading slump and I haven’t been able to get out of it.  I think it started when I was in Florida because I was doing all kinds of family things, like, aaaalll the time.  Once I got back, I just never got into a groove again.  It isn’t helpful that it is summer, so there is a lot of free time to fill.  You would think this would be great, that I’d be going through about a book a day or every two days.  Unfortunately, I am one of those people that can only read for a few hours before my eyes go all wonky, so I have to fill up my free time with other things.  Lately, those have been things like TV shows on Netflix and Hulu.

My sister’s boyfriend recommended Wayward Pines which has been on FOX all summer.  As of right now there are only 8 episodes out, so be aware if you plan to dive in and expect to binge on it for a while.  You can only go so far.  I must say, it is awesome!  If you love a little bit of mystery mixed with sci-fi and some good, old-fashioned paranoia, you’ll love it.

wayward pines

I think another problem I am having is the book I’m reading.  One, I started it in Florida on a family vacay , which wasn’t helpful.  Two, I went into it with the voices and opinions of other people in my mind that said it was good as the first book in the series.  I am currently reading The Scorch Trials, the sequel to The Maze Runner, and having a hard time getting into it.  Again, that could be due to a variety of things, but I really want to get out of this slump because I only have about a month left of my summer because then I have to go back to work.  Does anyone else have this problem where they get into a slump?  If you do, how do you usually get out of yours?

In unrelated, and exciting news, I logged onto Amazon yesterday to check the status of a book that is being shipped, and saw that Leigh Bardugo’s Six of Crows was available for pre-order for less than $10, so, of course, I bought it.  Cannot wait until it is released and shows up on my doorstep!!

six of crows

That is all. . . short and sweet today.  Can’t wait to hear from all of you and how you get out of your reading slumps.  I could really use the help.  Thanks.


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