The Nerd in Me

The Nerd in Me


So I finally watched Interstellar last night. You know, the Sci-Fi space movie with Matthew McConaughey where he has to go off into space in order to figure a way to save the human race. Yes, I know, it has been out forever and I just got around to watching it. I loved it. Yes, it was as good as everyone said it was. It had emotion and action, and there wasn’t a major love story that overtook the plot of the movie.


Tangent, for a moment – I work at a high school with students in Special Education. I mainly work in Science classes with those students. But what most people don’t know, including co-workers that I have been working with for years, is that I am a huge science nerd. They know that I’m a Sci-Fi nerd based on the books I read, but I’m not sure they realize just how much I love the science aspect of it.

Ok, back to the movie. At the end when everything comes together and things get kind of confusing because they start talking about fifth dimensions,quantum mechanics and the bending of time (don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything) the science nerd in me started to get some major crazy eyes.

crazy eyes

It was really unfortunate that it was later at night because there wasn’t anyone for me to freak out about it with, so instead I started researching it on the internet, and how time can slow down in space, and to see just how steeped in reality the science fiction in a movie can be.

It is part of the reason I love reading and watching science fiction and fantasy because often it is more rooted in reality than we like to think.  I think the part that I love most is the fact that it takes really creative and imaginative and innovative people to come up with those things.

And here is where I step up on my soapbox for a bit. I promise I did not intend for this to happen when I started this post.


As an educator, I think it is so important that we don’t crush this creativity and innovativeness in our students (or sons and daughters) because, much like in Interstellar, they will be the ones in charge of coming up with a way to save our planet after we are the ones that have screwed it up.

So encourage them to be creative, encourage them to read, and encourage them to study science, history, literature, music, math, business, etc. When they come up with something that sounds like a crazy idea or ridiculous don’t knock them down, encourage them to go further because whatever they are doing could save us all someday.

Ok, stepping down. I welcome any comments from you guys. I love to hear what other people think about movies they’ve seen and how it did or didn’t affect them. Clearly, this one really made me think. I know this post is very different from the things that i usually post, I’m still looking forward to hearing from you all.


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