The Scorch Trials. . . Movie

Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials. . . Movie

Ok. So I know I’ve said it before, but I was not a big fan of The Maze Runner series, in fact, in particular, I was absolutely bored with, and hated, The Scorch Trials. If you want to read the where I’ve said it before, you can find those entries here and here.  A week ago, when The Scorch Trials movie came out, I was pumped.  I mean, The Maze Runner movie adaptation was the reason I decided to read the series in the first place.  I fell in love with the movie and thought that the books had to be good.

Now, back to my point, the movie, The Scorch Trials movie was outstanding! For those of you who are big fans of the books, I am going to warn you. The movie is highly different, so don’t go into it expecting it to be exactly the same.  Approach it as its own entity, standing on its own, as a second movie in a series and connected to The Maze Runner, but whatever you do, do not judge it against the book. You will dislike it. A lot of things get rearranged, taken out, and added. Consider yourself warned.

The action was bigger, the Cranks were scarier, and the Rat Man, the Rat Man, that’s all I can say.  So, the Cranks first. I kept waiting for them because I’d heard they were terrifying, and that they were. They were gross and threatening, very much in the way a zombie is on The Walking Dead, except the Cranks could move a hell of a lot faster.

Onto the Rat Man. He was younger than I pictured him and had more hair than I pictured him with, but Aiden Gillen played him perfectly.  His shrewdness and absolute lack of emotion was on point.  I might be a little biased though. If you watch Game of Thrones, you will definitely recognize Aiden Gillen, who plays Petyr Baelish, or Littlefinger. I think he must have been channeling a bit of Littlefinger for this movie as well. It was perfect.

And now, the action. I think this was something that was greatly lacking from the book. However, due to some of the rearranging of the plot line and the magic of movie making and Hollywood, there is plenty of action.  There were several times while sitting in the theatre that I got super stressed out because of the action and the tension that was created throughout the movie.  Overall, I would definitely recommend seeing it whether you read the book or not.  Just remember, if you read and enjoyed the book try not to compare the accuracy of the movie to the book.  Happy watching!    


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