What’s Your Air Awakens Affinity? I’m a Waterrunner. . .

What’s Your Air Awakens Affinity? I’m a Waterrunner. . .


With Elise Kova’s sequel to Air Awakens being released in about a month, I am getting all psyched up for it by posting what type of sorcerer I am.  All of us who are fans of Elise Kova and those of us who are a part of the Air Awakens Fan Club on Goodreads are figuring out what our Air Awakens Affinity is.  You can do it too by going to this quiz that Elise made herself so all of us could get involved.  

You can find it here.

As can be seen above, I am a Waterrunner.

Most Well-Known Air Awakens Waterrunner: Fritznangle Chareem 

friz(My favorite casting of Fritz)


The magic of the Waterrunner is control over water in all its forms.

The ability to command the smallest amount of moisture makes Waterrunners practical sorcerers with a variety of applications. They can manipulate droplets of water in the air to make illusions. Waterrunners also have the ability to form ice weaponry by conjuring the element, should they be forced to fight.

Because of the fluid nature of their element they are able to feel and observe magical channels in other sorcerers.

Waterrunners Affinity of the Self is the ability to hear the past recorded in items, brought out from the ripples of water.

They are not easily deceived.  You are also at peace with the past, hearing its whispers in ripples and waves.

If you haven’t already, make sure to put Air Awakens and Fire Falling on your GoodReads To-Read list and join us for the Air Awakens Read-Along starting October 25th.   New readers and those who have already enjoyed the first book are welcome to join the Pre-Fire Falling Read-Along! The read-along will have discussions, questions, teasers, deleted scenes, giveaways and more! All starting on October 25th.

read along


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