Movie Review: Crimson Peak

Movie Review: Crimson Peak


Director: Guillermo del Toro

Starring: Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowski, Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Hunnam

Rated: R

Grade: B

Synopsis (from IMDB): In the aftermath of a family tragedy, an aspiring author is torn between love for her childhood friend and the temptation of a mysterious outsider. Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to a house that breathes, bleeds – and remembers.


The minute I saw the preview for this movie, I was excited about it, for multiple reasons. One, I do love me some Tom Hiddleston (who doesn’t?). But, two, and most importantly, it looked like a horror movie that I would want to see.  I’m super choosy about the horror movies I am willing to watch.  While this had some elements of a horror movie, it seemed to be more focused on the gothic time period and the love story that developed within it. It seemed suspenseful without being gross.  In other words, horror was not the sole purpose behind it. The preview had the same type of feel that the preview for Pan’s Labyrinth had, which I loved.  Not slasher movie-like, but at the same time offering the audience a bit of a scare.

Now, on to the movie. It turns out that I was right. Crimson Peak was a dark and spooky gothic love story. There was suspense with sweet love scenes, and, of course, the inklings of a love triangle.  Because who doesn’t love the potential for a good love triangle. The love story and the horror were beautifully woven into each other. I really enjoyed that Guillermo del Toro made sure to not build and build the love story and then have a gigantic horrifying ending, or the other way around, have all the horror up front and end with the love story.  


Jessica Chastain does a beautiful job playing a character you want to despise, which is actually very different for her.  Normally, she is so likable.

gif th crimson peak

Tom Hiddleston, as usual, plays a charming leading man. I loved that I wasn’t quite sure if I could fully trust him throughout the movie. He wasn’t one of those characters where you could just look into his eyes and just know. I never quite knew if he was good or bad.


Mia Wasikowski does a nice job playing the innocent and somewhat naive, yet strong (when it truly matters) female lead. However, there were times that I got annoyed with Wasikowski’s character because of her naivety and neediness really shows through in the middle of the film.


Charlie Hunnam plays your all-around good guy that I was definitely not used to seeing from him after watching so many seasons of Sons of Anarchy.  

There was a beautiful job done with the costuming and the colors that were used in both the sets and the costumes.  The costumes were beautiful, and the colors that were used were purposeful and set a wonderful tone for the movie.  The sets were amazing and made you feel as though you had truly gone back in time.

crimson peak-THMW

Overall, I give Crimson Peak a “B” because while the ending of it was good, I felt as though there was something missing.  Unfortunately, I was never able to put my finger on quite what was missing, but there was something.  I would definitely recommend it though if you are looking for a scary movie that isn’t going to scare you so much that it will keep you up at night, and has a substantial love story and plot to it.

If you go see it, let me know what you think.



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