The Crystal Tour – Top Ten Tuesday

Crystal Tour Clearer

Crystal Tour – Top Ten Tuesday

Well hello all!

In celebration of the release of Crystal Crowned, the fifth, and final, book in Elise Kova’s Air Awakens series, I am taking part in the Crystal Tour, and this week is all about Air Awakens.

Crystal Crowned will be available on July 12th. So make sure to be on the look out for it.


Make sure to check out the rest of the tour as well.  Here are the dates:

  • Air Awakens (June 9-16)
  • Fire Falling (June 17-24)
  • Earth’s End (June 25-July 2)
  • Water’s Wrath (July 3-10)

I have compiled a list of the top ten swoon-worthy moments between Vhalla and Aldrik in the first book, the book that made me fall in love with Vhaldrik. The following are in no particular order.

Top 10 Most Swoon-Worthy Vhaldrik Moments

  • The moment when she takes off his crown when they meet in the courtyard outside the ball.  She takes off his crown so he can pretend to be a common man in order for them to be together.

fanning self

  • When they dance in the courtyard outside of the gala.

  • Meeting in the rose garden for the first time.

  • When Vhalla turns the pages of her book with air and doesn’t even realize it, but Aldrik does and gets so excited.

  • Their banter back and forth in the letters that they write before they meet.

  • The first time they meet in the library after Vhalla thinks she’s dreaming. Because who doesn’t want to meet a gorgeous swoon-worthy prince in a library?!?

  • When they fight after Vhalla is injured after falling off the roof of the castle. Vhalla and Aldrik fighting is often one of the sexiest things, and not just in Air Awakens, but in all the books.

  • Every time Aldrik calls Vhalla “my parrot.” I think it is an adorable pet name.

  • When Aldrik helps her return to her body after Vhalla projects at the Sunlit Stage.

  • The second time they meet in the rose garden, and have their picnic in the gazebo.

Make sure to check out more info on the author of this wonderful series, Elise Kova, on all her social media outlets:

About the Author:

Elise Head ShotElise Kova has always had a profound love of fantastical worlds. Somehow, she managed to focus on the real world long enough to graduate with a Master’s in Business Administration before crawling back under her favorite writing blanket to conceptualize her next magic system. She currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and when she s not writing can be found playing video games, watching anime, or talking with readers on social media. She is the author of the Air Awakens Series as well as the upcoming Loom Saga (Keymaster, 2017).

Happy Reading!



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