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I thought if you guys are going to be reading I should tell you a bit about myself. I work with high school students and love to give and get book recommendation to and from them, so I read mainly YA fiction, but do dabble in other genres.  Part of my goal with this blog is to cover a variety of topics, most of them relating to books.  I tie books into so many parts of my life.  I plan to touch on a variety of other topics as well because I am a nerd and I get super excited about all kinds of things.


At this point I don’t really have a rating system; I’m working on coming up with one that I like. Since I work in education, I’ll probably grade books: A, B, C, D, F.  I’ll start with that soon to see if I like it.

Other Things

I love to review books and help promote authors, so if you are an author looking for reviewers, feel free to contact me. Like I said before I mostly read YA, but I do enjoy fantasy, NA, etc. I have also been a beta reader, so if you are looking for someone to beta read for you, let me know and we can discuss what you need. To get in contact with with me, please email me at erinsdavis78@gmail.com.

I love interacting with my readers, so please leave comments.  I want to hear what your reading and seeing and whether you liked it or not. Let me know what you think of books I’ve read or movies I’ve seen. I really enjoy hearing what others think, especially of they disagree with me because that promotes discussion.

Can’t wait to start communicating with all of you out there in the world.

Happy reading!



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